How A Plumber Makes Changes Easy

If you plan to get your plumbing fixtures changed in order to improve water saving and energy efficiency in your home, it would need considerable research. After all, with the focus on water saving and durability features, many manufacturers offer different products of diverse brands. There are products that are priced higher with energy saving certification while certain brands that are sold locally are known to have a good reputation in the market. As a layman, it might be difficult for you to make such decisions. That is where you need a reliable plumber to suggest the right products and make quality changes in your home.

Usually, plumbers have an association with plumbing fixture manufacturers. This does not mean that they will compromise on quality products as their reputation also comes in when they suggest certain products to customers. If the products do not stand the test of time, the plumber is blamed for the products he suggests and not the brand he installed. Hence, if you have a certified and experienced plumber who had been doing quality fixes in your home, he can be the right person to get advice on the different plumbing fixtures available in the market.


It would be wise to look up energy saving and water efficient models and their features before you seek suggestions from your plumber. Checking prices of such fixtures and models in the market can also help you be informed about the kind of pricing that such fixtures might come forward. A wise plumber will be abreast about the latest products in the market as well as know what to suggest as per the kind of budget you have in mind. That is where his expertise comes in. Usually, a plumber will add in his commission or labor costs along with the price of the fixtures when quoting the total price to you. When you are satisfied with the reasonable rate quotes, you could give him the go ahead sign for changing your plumbing fixtures.

With a reliable plumber by your side, it becomes easy to make such decisions. As they have an established network in a city or region, sourcing plumbing fixtures become easy for them and jobs are done in a day or two. If you are looking for a plumber in edmonton we recommend Edmonton’s Best Plumbers.


How To Make Your Bathroom Energy And Water Efficient

If you are planning to save on energy costs as well as water usage, you might consider making certain changes in your bathroom. Even if you do not opt for extensive remodeling, there are certain changes you can apply in order to make bathrooms run efficiently in terms of energy and water usage.

  •         Pipes

Before you start, remodeling can be a good way to address leaks or plumbing that show signs of wear and tear. You could plan to replace fixtures that are leaking or have joints that have corroded. These could be the required renovation or remodeling works you start off with which will prevent leaks and water loss in the present as well as in the future.

Bathroom Energy

  •         Showers

Installing a water efficient shower unit could be your next step. There are many modern shower units that come as a complete set – with fixtures, faucets and shower stalls. Such a unit will not only be a handsome addition to your bathroom but also help in providing water efficiency during showers. Not only are the shower heads designed to reduce wastage of water, but the shower unit stall walls and drainage will prevent spillage of water and help keep your bathroom clean and dry with no excess water spillage.

  •         Toilets

Toilet models are the next step you need to consider in order to make your bathroom modern and water efficient. The older models used to flush about 3.5 to 4 gallons of water in every flush which is an unnecessary amount. In contrast, there are new toilets that use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush which make them great water saving models.

  •         Bathtubs

Bathtubs are bathroom accessories you might want to do away with if you wish to remodel your bathroom along energy and water saving lines. Bathtubs use a lot of water and it is discouraged that you continue to use a bathtub in your bathroom. However, if you use the bathtub that you have in your bathroom in a conscientious way, you might be saving more water than running a shower for a long time. It also makes it easier to bathe young children. Hence, if you have small ones in your home, you might want to wait till they have had their fun time in a bath while growing up.

  •         Faucets

Among the easiest and cheapest changes, you can make to your bathroom is to change the faucet in the sink. The modern faucet designs include air along with water stream which gives a stable flow and brings the feel of more water flowing out than it actually does. As a result, such faucets can be great additions to your bathroom. They will also ensure that the old, leaky taps that often dribble out considerable water through the day do not happen again.

The above tips are some ways you can make use of new bathroom fixtures to make handsome changes to your bathroom, at the same time making your bathroom space an energy and water saving unit. This is a necessity and something that needs to be done by all conscientious people.

Tell Tale Signs Of Worn Out Pipes

It is important that you keep an eye open on all your plumbing fixtures including pipes, especially if you live in an old home whose pipes have withstood tests of time. With time pipes often showcase certain problems and if you do not keep an eye open for them, you might be caught off hand in a plumbing emergency. Discarded or less frequented spaces like basements, crawl spaces and utility rooms that have pipelines need to be checked to ensure that the pipes are not showing signs of wear and wear or damages.

Worn Out Pipes

Check for leaks

This is the most obvious sign that pipe joints might be coming off loose or certain pipe components need to be changed. Leak often results when pipes become damaged due to the growth of mold or mildew. Again, if you neglect leakages in pipes it might lead to water damages in subsequent areas and in such places mold or mildew growth usually develops. If there is a smell of mildew or mold growth, that means there is a leakage problem occurring somewhere.

Corrosion of tubes

Pipe tubing often develops flaking or dimpling problems. That indicates corrosion has occurred substantially and such parts need to be replaced. Water which has a high content of acid elements can lead to corrosion of pipes. When copper pipes are left idle for long times, this can lead to corrosion happening to the inner parts of such pipes.

Rust accumulation

If you open sink taps and find discolored water flowing out, this is an indication that rust has accumulated in the pipes.  The rust that gets into the water you use for washing hands or face or for drinking or cooking should not be contaminated by rust in such manner. Hence, you need to call a plumbing service to get the pipes and taps checked and examined and necessary parts changed.


You might find stains under your sink or discoloration on walls, which is an indication that there might be leakages in pipelines. If the ceiling of a room that is directly below a bathroom is stained, this would indicate that leaks are present. As a result, the piping system in the bathroom needs to be checked and replaced if worn out.

The above tips help you understand when the pipes in your home are damaged, rusted, corroded and need replacement. It is best to heed the tell tale signs you see and call in an expert plumber to get the issues addressed in time.

How To Choose A Plumbing Service

Most home owners and building administrators get hassled by plumbing problems. These tend to happen without warning, causing an inconvenience that cannot be ignored for long. In such cases, it is necessary to hire a licensed and experienced plumber, especially since quick fixes often do not apply. If you wish to find a reliable plumber who would provide the right solution and perform a good job, here are the points you need to consider.

Plumbing Service

There are certain plumbers who advertise emergency services. If you need to get plumbing assistance right away, you might want to call in at such an emergency service that is close to your street address. In case you have the time to compare the different services in your area and find a reliable plumber, you might want to proceed by asking around. It would be wise to seek advice from neighbors and friends who can provide details of local plumbing services. Recommendations will help ensure that you get a reliable professional who has successfully fixed different plumbing problems in other people’s homes.

In case you do not know people well enough to ask around, there are several online directories that can come to your aid. Many service directories specialize in providing ratings and reviews of different handyman services in different areas of a city. Hence, you could shortlist services that are available in your region or neighborhood and check their ratings and reviews before you call upon them. You would find more than one reliable service and you can seek quotes from them before you make a decision. It would also be wise to seek information regarding the particular problem you need to be fixed since certain plumbers might have more experience in handling certain fixes than others. It would also be wise to seek a plumber who holds a valid work permit or license.