Choosing The Right Rainwater Tank

The most valuable natural resource, necessary for our survival is water. The rapidly growing world population in addition to the effects of climate change is putting tremendous pressure on the world’s water resources, making it a critical issue. An obvious solution to this issue is utilizing the free supply of clean water that falls from the sky, in the form of rainwater. Rainwater is an important source of freshwater in the purest form, which is essential for the survival of life on Earth. Do you want to make the best use of rainwater? Then, you should consider installing the Rainwater tank.

Premium Quality Rainwater Tank by Redshaw

Embrace the pouring rain by installing rainwater tanks. After installing the tank, you don’t have to worry about water shortages. Rainwater tanks collect and store the running rainwater, particularly from the roofs through pipes. An increasing number of households in Australia are installing rainwater tanks. Using the rainwater for flushing the toilets, washing the car, for your laundry needs and your garden, you can reduce your mains water use by at least 70%. It helps to save water and energy, as well as cuts down your water bills. 

Do you want to install a rainwater tank but have no clue on which one to buy? Redshaw team will assist you to find the ideal rainwater tank for your household or commercial building. Let’s dive in!

There’s a wide range of rainwater tanks available in the market, but you should purchase the one depending on your needs and type of use. Redshaw advises that before purchasing a rainwater tank, you should bear in mind the following things:

  • Size of Rainwater tank

Firstly, you should make sure whether you’ll be using the tank for your house or your office. If you’ll be using the tank for your household, you will require a small rainwater tank that ranges from being under 1,000 liters in size to being 7,500 liters. Whereas, if you’ll be using the tank for your office, you’ll require a large tank that can be 10,000 plus liters. 

  • Rainwater tank installation site

The first thing that you’ll have to decide is to make sure where the rainwater tank will be located. Experts at Redshaw advises that the tank should be placed next to your house or building and in a shed. 

  • Rainwater tank materials

Rainwater tanks are available in various types of materials, out of which the most popular are Steel Rainwater tanks and Poly Rainwater tanks. 

If you’re looking for the cost-effective and strong tanks, Poly Rainwater tanks should be your ideal choice. These tanks are lightweight, strong, easy to install and comes in various colors to match your taste. 

If you wish to make a statement, purchase Steel Rainwater tanks because they’re the stylish and popular choice of many for aesthetic reasons and it’s durability. 

Redshaw offers rainwater tanks that are designed to fit the needs of your building and household and your budget. Contact the Redshaw team for high-quality rainwater tanks.