Bathroom Energy

How To Make Your Bathroom Energy And Water Efficient

If you are planning to save on energy costs as well as water usage, you might consider making certain changes in your bathroom. Even if you do not opt for extensive remodeling, there are certain changes you can apply in order to make bathrooms run efficiently in terms of energy and water usage.

  •         Pipes

Before you start, remodeling can be a good way to address leaks or plumbing that show signs of wear and tear. You could plan to replace fixtures that are leaking or have joints that have corroded. These could be the required renovation or remodeling works you start off with which will prevent leaks and water loss in the present as well as in the future.

Bathroom Energy

  •         Showers

Installing a water efficient shower unit could be your next step. There are many modern shower units that come as a complete set – with fixtures, faucets and shower stalls. Such a unit will not only be a handsome addition to your bathroom but also help in providing water efficiency during showers. Not only are the shower heads designed to reduce wastage of water, but the shower unit stall walls and drainage will prevent spillage of water and help keep your bathroom clean and dry with no excess water spillage.

  •         Toilets

Toilet models are the next step you need to consider in order to make your bathroom modern and water efficient. The older models used to flush about 3.5 to 4 gallons of water in every flush which is an unnecessary amount. In contrast, there are new toilets that use about 1.6 gallons of water per flush which make them great water saving models.

  •         Bathtubs

Bathtubs are bathroom accessories you might want to do away with if you wish to remodel your bathroom along energy and water saving lines. Bathtubs use a lot of water and it is discouraged that you continue to use a bathtub in your bathroom. However, if you use the bathtub that you have in your bathroom in a conscientious way, you might be saving more water than running a shower for a long time. It also makes it easier to bathe young children. Hence, if you have small ones in your home, you might want to wait till they have had their fun time in a bath while growing up.

  •         Faucets

Among the easiest and cheapest changes, you can make to your bathroom is to change the faucet in the sink. The modern faucet designs include air along with water stream which gives a stable flow and brings the feel of more water flowing out than it actually does. As a result, such faucets can be great additions to your bathroom. They will also ensure that the old, leaky taps that often dribble out considerable water through the day do not happen again.

The above tips are some ways you can make use of new bathroom fixtures to make handsome changes to your bathroom, at the same time making your bathroom space an energy and water saving unit. This is a necessity and something that needs to be done by all conscientious people.